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This is a program to contribute and make a meaningful and durable change in the lives of deserving children. Hundreds of poor and needy children are getting education and all other facilities, which mean new life because of our sponsorship program in Mysore, Diyun, Tawang, Kanubari, Suknachari. We request you to kindly join in this endeavor with compassionate heart and sponsor a child or a monk or an elderly orphan.

  • One girl – 480 US Dollar/ 30000 INR per year
  • One boy – 480 US Dollar/ 30000 INR per year
  • One elderly man or lady – 480 US Dollar/ 30000 INR per year
  • One monk – 360 US Dollar/ 22000 INR per year

This is not any ordinary program. The goal of every effort is to provide an education that supports intellectual as well as moral and ethical aspects in life. In other words, the teaching of Lord Buddha is an essential part of every Mahabodhi student’s upbringing. In this way, Mahabodhi aims to help the children to become responsible minded adults and facilitate them to get a good modern school education to face their lives in fast changing world.

Through sponsorship, you may also be in contact with the sponsored child and you will receive at least 3-4 reports every year so that you can follow up the progress. And many of our sponsors come and spend time with the children, which also give them lot of confidence and encouragement. We happily welcome you to come and stay in any of our Mahabodhi centres.

We thank you from the depth of our hearts and express deep gratitude for the most valuable and meaningful help and for being together in bringing the light of wisdom and compassion to many children.

For any further question and donation, you may kindly contact:

INDIA: Mr. Vittho, Sponsorship Manager

GERMANY: Ms. Monika Schleicher

SWITZERLAND: Ms.Monica Thaddey

United State of America: Ms.Carla Montagno and Mr.Tim Moore

FRANCE:  Ms.Catherine Black

SPAIN: Mr. Jordi Carulla Pauls

BELGIUM: Ms.Martine Beckers


In many small things you can be very much part of us. Like you can donate for

  1. Text books and school stationeries
  2. Clothes
  3. Blankets
  4. Sport materials
  5. Drinking water filters
  6. Water tank
  7. Gardening tools
  8. Tables and chairs
  9. Carpets
  10. Kitchen vessels
  11. Cooking stoves
  12. Store racks
  13. Bicycles for girl students to go to college


Or any other item which you think is needed to the use of children in hostels and schools.