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What is Sanghadana?

In the Pali literature the word Sangha is a meaning designated to the community of Bhikkhus (monks). There are two levels of Sangha. One is Ariya Sangha consisting of the four noble enlightened people. Another is Bhikkhu Sangha who are striving for enlightenment. The monks have renounced everything and entered monastic life fully dedicated to study and practice the Buddha Dhamma to attain enlightenment. The monks don’t own any property or wealth. Nor they ask anybody to give this or that.

 It is the responsibility of lay householders to support the Sangha by offering the material needs like food, clothes, living place, medicine and other daily needs. The monks in turn support the lay people by preaching the Dhamma and meditation to overcome sufferings and lead peaceful life. The Buddha has established this system wherein monastic and laity are depending on each other by supporting each other to progress harmoniously fulfilling their commitments in life.

Sanghadana when practiced, it brings immense punya – merits. When laity are supporting monks, who are trying to walk on the path of enlightenment, according to the law of kamma, laity will in turn get the opportunities and support to progress on the path. Sanghadana also purifies the mind and reduces defilements, specially greed and attachment and related fear and anxiety.

You may offer these things as Sanghadana

  • Food
  • Civara – clothes of monks
  • Donations for monastery buildings
  • Medicines
  • Daily usables like soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, cleaning materials, etc
  • The needs of monastery like brooms, doormats, bedsheets, mattresses, blankets, nets, etc
  • The needs in the kitchen like vessels, plates, cups, etc
  • The needs in the temple like carpets, cushions, sound system, lighting, etc.
  • Or any other thing that you observe as a need. When you visit please watch carefully and see what are the needs there and try to organize yourself or with a group of people.
  • Or you may say to the monks that you wish to offer dana of certain amount and is there any particular thing needed for which monks may suggest the needs of monastery.
  • Or you may offer money in the office or monastery account or to the lay assistant to use for any need for the monks and monastery.

You may offer any of these in the name of your beloved people living or expired. Normally the monks give blessings and dhamma teachings and share merits with all beings whenever you make an offering. You may offer on any special days like your birthday, marriage anniversary, children’s special days, or whenever you feel.


Mahabodhi Dayaka Mandali is a community of lay people who are responsible for supporting the Sangha and monastery. Everybody is welcome to be part of it. It does not matter if one contributes in bigger amounts or smaller. The motivation is important to support the Sangha, monastery and activities. This helps lay people to develop Sila, Samadhi, Panya. And every offering is conducive to Ayu, vanno, sukham balam (long life and beauty, happiness and strength).

You may offer dana on any day of the year or any special day in your life like birthday, marriage, death, naming ceremonies etc. There are normally 130 monks at in the Mahabodhi Monastery, Bengaluru.

You may offer any or all of the following:

  1. Breakfast per day – Rs.5000
  2. Lunch per day – Rs.7000
  3. Evening Juice per day– Rs.3000
  4. (Total for one day – Rs.15000)

The offering in kind or cash can be done at the Mahabodhi Office. Or you may make bank transfer donation to our account as follows:

Account No: 353102010000137 (Saving Account)
IFSC Code: UBIN 0535311
MICR Code: 560026005
Union Bank of India, Gandhinagar,
Bangalore – 5600090.

Sanghadana Requesting Message

Dear Sir/Madam, 
Please fill the below form to share your details for the Sanghadana.
Thank you and let me know if you need any further help.

Please contact and inform General Manager Mr. Vajira – 09731635108 or about your intentions so that he can organize on your behalf everything.

All donations are exempted under Income Tax Act 80G.


The total number of monks in the entire Mahabodhi center exceeds 400. You can also offer dana in any of the monastery or to the entire Mahabodhi Sangha. Kindly contact the monastery in charge to offer your Dana or Please contact and inform General Manager Mr. Vajira – 09731635108 or about your intentions so that he can organize on your behalf everything.


Nos of Monks

Contact Details

Bengaluru, Karnataka 
Mahabodhi Vihara

105 monks

9731635108 / 8050811704

Narasipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Mahabodhi Dhammaduta Vihara

05 monks


Hyderabad, Telangana
Mahabodhi Vihara

35 monks

 040 27733161 /8885403097

Mysore, Karnataka
Mahabodhi Vihara

02 monks


Chiching Chera, Tripura
Mahabodhi Vihara

50 monks


Suknachari, Tripura
Mahabodhi Vihara

50 monks

7085652028 / 8415805886

Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh,
Mahabodhi Vihara

60 monks

9402200061 / 7308967316/ 8105481428

Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara

25 monks

7005684027 / 8413063560 / 09402012719

Deomali, Arunachal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara

15 monks


Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara

10 monks

09402899820 / 08132890530




” May all beings be happy!”