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Dhammachari Program- Lay devotee training

Dhammacaris are the lay people who follow the sila well, practice meditation and selflessly dedicate lot of their time for community services. In the absence of monks most of the places need a guide and leader to conduct ceremonies and organize programs. And even if monks are there kappiyas, assistants are needed to deal with certain household issues. The Dhammacaris serve as such organizers, guides, mentors, leaders. Courses are conducted to train the Dhammacaris, so that good moral and spiritual householder kalyanamittas are available for people in need.

Buddhist Festivals and Events

Important days related to the life of the Buddha like Buddha Jayanti (Vaishakha Purnima), Dhammacakkha Day (Guru Purnima), Pavarana Day (Ashwini Purnima) and other festivals are celebrated with meaningful programs at Mahabodhi. The birth anniversary of Ven.Acharya Buddharakkhita is celebrated as Dhammapada Festival (Phalguna Purnima). After the Vassa- three months rains retreat after Ashwini purnima one day Kathina festival is organized to offer the Kathina robe and other needs of a monastery. Sometime night long paritta chanting and meditation organized for the welfare of all beings.

Relief Program

It is very important as follower of Lord Buddha to put compassion in practice. When so many people are suffering, it is a great spiritual practice to share, small or big, with the suffering people. Normally Mahabodhi responds to natural calamities and now in situation like Corona problem. You are most welcome to join our relief programs either by donating or by volunteering. Or if you wish we can organize a relief camp for a specific purpose.


Sanghadana means offering the needs of the monks to the Sangha. Monks are renunciates who have left everything to dedicate their lives to the study and practice of Dhamma and service of humanity. In the Buddhist system or for that matter in Indian system, monks rely on lay people for their material needs and lay people rely on monastic for their spiritual needs. This helps both the communities to grow in the Dhamma. In Mahabodhi Monastery Bengaluru normally there are over hundred monks at any given time. It is our duty to support them.

If you wish to offer them food, clothes, medicine or other study stationaries and daily usable, etc., you are most welcome. The monks after every offering normally give short blessings and Dhamma teachings for the welfare of the donor. This offering you may do any day or any day that is special for you. If you wish to bring cooked food and service kindly come before 11 AM. You may bring the things on your own or if you are outstation and far away our upasakas at the monastery are always ready to help to you organize. Please contact our General Manager 097316 35108.

" May all beings be happy!"