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Filled with nature’s beauty Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most picturesque regions in India. But development is yet to take place. It is a state with more than 100 tribes who are economically and educationally still backward. Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita wished for long time to start a branch of Maha Bodhi Society in Arunachal Pradesh.

Mahabodhi Maitri Mandala (MMM) was founded in Diyun, a remote place in Arunachal Pradesh, on 3rd January 2003 with a primary school and hostel. Diyun is situated in the eastern part of AP. For four years it was run in temporary sheds in Diyun. MMM got about 20 acres of land in Jyothipur village near Diyun town where buildings for school and hostel along with small residential rooms for monks have been built. At present there are 700 children studying in classes from LKG to 12th standard. The children are from all parts of Arunachal Pradesh belonging to various tribes.

The different activities that are run in this center are:

  • Mahabodhi School
  • Mahabodhi Rita Girls Home
  • Mahabodhi Boys Home
  • Mahabodhi Monastery
  • Mahabodhi Moral Training Centre
  • Mahabodhi Sunday School Program for Children
  • Mahabodhi Sujata Dairy Project
  • Mahabodhi Agricultural Program
  • Mahabodhi Malaria Prevention Program
  • Mahabodhi Loka Shanti Dhamma Cetiya
  • Mahabodhi Sacred Bodhi Tree
  • Mahabodhi Dhammavijaya Meditation Center
  • Mahabodhi Pancasila Samiti for bringing moral awareness in the general public.


On 18th October 2014 this center was inaugurated in Diyun. This center is the contribution of Ms.Jutta Mattausch and Mr.Pala Namgyal of Germany and other well-wishers. Mahabodhi medical center is a humble beginning with one doctor, two nurses, one coordinator to serve the people. General treatment and minor operations are conducted here. But for major treatment and specialist treatment people have to travel to the nearest hospital which is 3 hours away. If this medical center is better equipped than we can save lot of money for people which otherwise would be spent only to travel in a taxi all the way to Tinsukia.