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Deomali is a small town situated on the boarder of Assam in Arunachal Pradesh in Tirap district which is one of the most backward districts in the state. The local people and leaders requested to start a branch of Mahabodhi in Deomali and Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita responded positively and started this center.

At present there is a meditation hall where regular meditation and discourses are conducted for the local people.  Mahabodhi Maitri hostel is also popular for serving deserving boys from remote areas. The programs that are run at present are:


  1. Mahabodhi Maitri Boys hostel
  2. Mahabodhi Dhammavijaya Buddha vihara
  3. Special Sunday Meditation and character building Discourse
  4. Every morning and evening personality development Classes for the youth.
  5. Every morning and evening puja, Meditation and Dhamma talks
  6. Development activities