Foundation Day, 5th June 2021

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FOUNDATION DAY of Maha Bodhi Society Bengaluru


On 5th June 1956, the Most Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita Bhanteji arrived in Bengaluru with a Sacred Bodhi Tree sapling from Buddhagaya. He founded the Maha Bodhi Society Bengaluru on this day by planting the Holy Bodhi Tree. (He was a great lover of nature and nothing is more relevant than the plantation of a tree as the foundation of our society, which incidentally is also observed as World Environment Day around the globe).

For 57 years he strived hard to build the Vihara and so many Dhamma activities and humanitarian programs. The Maha Bodhi Society Bengaluru is now a sacred place consisting of Vihara, meditation center, holy bodhi tree, stupas with holy relics, Buddhist Research Center, Tipitaka Center, and countless people from all walks of life to get solace, peace, happiness, and wisdom. With branches all over India let us dedicate ourselves to serve even more humanity.

Come let us pay gratitude to Bada Bhanteji and celebrate the FOUNDATION DAY of Maha Bodhi Society Bengaluru and its branches online.

Please join online

Date: 5th June 2021
Time:5 PM to 7 PM

-Undertaking Tisarana -Pancasila
-PATTHANA chanting

Online links


May all beings be happy and well!

Team Mahabodhi

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