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2 March Apr copy
We all at Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru and all Mahabodhi branches, wish you and your family members a great rewarding New Year 2021.



Dear Friends,

Sukhi hotu 2021

Enclosed, below find the Mahabodhi Calendar for the year 2021 with Buddhist Era.

  • The Calendar shows the Punnami / Purnima / Full moon day and the Amavasya / New moon day.ย 
  • The calendar contains the important event in the life of the Lord Buddha.ย 
  • The Calendar also contains other important dates for buddhist to celebrate and observe.ย 
  • The Calendar shares the important days of the Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru.

Please download the PDF version of the calendar or you can also order a copy by post, please contact Mr Sukro- sukrachakma@gmail.comย 


Mahabodhi is working hard to serve the people with education, medical support and ultimately to serve the people to have a peaceful mind by teaching Buddhaโ€™s dhamma and meditation.ย 

The calendar displays various activities of Mahabodhi.ย ย 

  • Corona Relief Camp- Mahabodhi organisations have given daily essential needs to lakhs of needy people. โ€œIf you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.โ€ – Buddha.
  • Mahabodhi Meditation Programs- More than 50 courses are conducted every year at Mahabodhi Centres. โ€œWe are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.โ€ Buddha
  • Mahabodhi Monastic Institutes and Monks- There are 350 monks at 8 Viharas of Mahabodhi. “Those wise ones who do meditation and who delight in the calm of renunciation, such mindful ones, even the gods hold dear”- Buddha.
  • Mahabodhi Education Institutes and Students- There are 2500 students studying at 5 schools & a College. “The Mahabodhi education system aims at the transformation of the highest form of humanity, through ethical, intellectual and spiritual development.”
  • Mahabodhi Hospital Dana Service and Medical Center- “Compassion in Action” by running 4 medical centres. “Whosoever serves the sick and suffering, serves me.”- Buddha.
  • Dhamma Publications, Dhamma Talks and Research Center- Thousands of books are published and courses in Buddhist Studies. “He who drinks the Dhamma, lives happily with a tranquil mind. He ever delights in Dhamma made known by the Noble One”- Buddha.

We hope you enjoy the information from the calendar. We hope you will be inspired to walk on the path of dhamma.
We wish you the best.

May you be well and happy!


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