Children at Mahabodhi Maitri Children Home hail from most deserving and underprivileged family background of Tawang & Dirang districts of Arunachal Pradesh and our main objectives of running the Mahabodhi Maitri Childrens Home is to make the younger generation understand and encourage them to look after the old parents. And they are happy to take care of them. On Sundays and holidays children visit the elderly people and help them and spend time with them at the Old age Home. Elders listen to the activities that the children do at school and at children home. And in turn the elders are very happy to tell their stories of childhood to the children and give them knowledge. In this way, we have been quite successful.

In total we have 50 deserving children. As we do not have a school at our centre, our children go to 3 different Government schools. Only learning at school is not enough, so we have two qualified wardens to teach them at the hostel, both in the morning and in the evening. Apart from that, they also do Buddha puja and meditation every morning and evening, which is taken care by monk in charge. We have a sponsorship-in-charge, a manager, two cooks and one helper.

Our children top their respective classes every year and we are proud of them. But, our children walk 5 kilometers to and fro every day. And we feel very sorry for it and we are planning to start our own school at our own centre. But that needs support