Everything cannot be perfect in human lives; there are always two sides for the same coin. Some elders are gifted with good and caring sons and daughters but on the other hand there are less fortunate elders and are in need of desperate help. The Mahabodhi Home for Elders provides care and comfort to the deserving elders who are either orphans or neglected by the families or just cannot support due to poverty.

We have a beautiful building where our elders live comfortably. Elders’ home is well equipped with medical room, tables and cupboard. In all there are 16 inmates residing at our elders’ home. We have two care takers, who are always with them taking care of them day and night. We also have one in charge monk, who teaches meditation and Dhamma to the elders and we have one cook to cook for them.

Our aim is to admit at least 50 elders but due to lack of support and sponsors we are not able to meet our target as per our wish. We hope to get more support from the people so that we can bring in more needy elders at our centre in the near future.