Mahabodhi Maitri mandala, Suknachari

Mahabodhi Suknachari was established on 17th December, 2013 on a full moon day. This is a new centre, which is developing slowly in south of Tripura and already has shown a lot of potential to grow into a big centre. In the beginning we just extended the existing village temple with some bamboo structures. The land is a donation by Venerable Rajinda Bhanteji. In 2014 we have started the school for LKG, UKG and 1st Standard. There are 85 children in the very first year, though the classes are run in bamboo shed. Presently there are 25 monks who also join the regular classes in school.

Now we have four class rooms and one office room. Two water tanks have also been built to provide the students and monks with clean water facility. Every full moon days and new moon days, the monks are going on alms round. Every Sunday moral education class is arranged for the students and the nearby villagers. Every full moon day there are two separate Dhamma discourses, one for children and one for elders. In addition, Dhamma class is organized on every Saturday at the school.

The following are our future plan.

  1. Mahabodhi school up to 10th standartd
  2. Boys Hostel
  3. Girls Hostel
  4. Mahabodhi Monastery
  5. Meditation hall and Vihara
  6. Stupa and Bodhi tree
  7. Moral Education Center
  8. Health Center
  9. Farming and Agricultural Programs

Emergency requirment
Right now we would like to have 6 class rooms and 3 other rooms. Each room costs 3 lacs rupees. We request you to join us in giving the light of knowledge to more poor needy children.