What is Sanghadana?

In the Pali literature the word Sangha is a meaning designated to the community of Bhikkhus (monks), and Bhikkhunis (nuns).

Also, in Pali the word Dana means quite literally Charity. In the reference to the words Sangha Dana it would be interpreted as "Charity to the community of monks."

In the teachings of Buddha we learn of three factors that motivate our actions, Lobha (greed), Dosa (ill-will), and Moha (delusion, ignorance). The practice of Dana overcomes the factor of Lobha. It's not quite literally a single instance of the practice will overcome, but a continual practice.

All living beings do the same things over and over until they become habits. Greed becomes a habit and all our actions are motivated out of greed. We continually think of wanting all the time. We fixate on what we desire and in the thinking we act to obtain, or acquire. This is one of the ways in which Lobha motivates our actions. As a habit this practice is done without intentional thought or application of thought and so we act out without awareness, or mindfulness.

In order to overcome Greed in this sense is to practice its opposite. Charity, giving. It's not so much important on who you give to, however it is more beneficial to give to someone who is dedicating their life to becoming free from greed. Giving to someone who is satisfied with what they already have is also more beneficial than giving to someone who continually wants, is never satisfied and wants more, and is motivated to acquire. Who is more content, the one whose thirst is never quenched or the one who is never thirsty?

Continual practice of charity will eventually lead to the practice becoming a habit as well with the result of negating the practice of greed. As a result we diminish our actions being motivated out of greed. Think of this practice as an antidote to greed, much like giving an antidote to a poison.

Because all actions have results (consequences), the act of practicing Dana has beneficial results and the accumulations of these results are known in the Theravada tradition as Merit. Giving to anyone accumulates merit. But giving to ones who have left the home life to take on a life of the Bhikkhu living in the community of Bhikkhu's to practice and carry the teachings of a Buddha, the Sangha, is of greater benefit and so increases the merit one accumulates.

And so we have the phrase term, "Sangha Dana", the giving of charity to the community of monks. The practice of Sangha Dana includes the monks reciting the teachings of the Buddha in a chant, and on some occasion will include a teaching by the head monk, or senior monk relating to the practice.

Dana can be offered as gifts, food, water, money, or all. Can also be given to an entire community at once, or to one who is designated to receive for the community. The gift can be whatever you wish to give but does not mean it is an expensive gift wrapped boxed item. Items the community will need daily such as toiletries, paper towels, soaps, towels and washcloth's, dried food items, canned food items, teas, coffee's, cereals, drinkables, clothing, shoes, sandals, etc. You are the one who is practicing charity; you decide what you want to give.

Often the practice of Sangha Dana is done in conjunction with another practice of remembering a loved one, relative, friend, spouse, child, anyone who has passed from this existence. After the practice of Sangha Dana is performed then a short version of Punnynomodana (sharing merit to other) follows with the monks chanting various versions of the teachings of the Buddha from the Abhidhamma followed by a "Transference of Merit" ritual which entails one to think of giving the accumulated merit they have received to the benefit of the one who has passed away.


Dear meritorious Upasakas and Upasikas,

Bengaluru Mahabodhi Monastery is a place of Buddhist spiritual practice. We welcome you to join Mahabodhi Dāyaka Mandali, This special activities aimed at the development of Sila, Samadhi and Panya.

Your Dana- Donation to the SANGHA will bring you Ayu, vanno, sukham balam (long life and beauty, happiness and strength).

You may offer dana on any day of the year or any special day in your life like birthday, marriage, death, naming ceremonies etc. There are 147 monks at present in the Mahabodhi Monastery, Bengaluru and the different Sanghadana you may offer are:

  • 1. Breakfast per day – Rs.5000.
  • 2. Lunch per day – Rs.7000.
  • 3. Evening Juice per day– Rs.3000.
  • 4. Total for one day Sanghadana – Rs.15000.

All these offerings you may do by transfer of funds from your account to the Mahabodhi Account or by cheque/DD/M.O and avail the receipt.

Please Contact: Mr. Vajira – 09731635108
                Mr.Krupa Urs- 09343158020,

All the activities of the Maha Bodhi Society, Bengaluru are dependent on donations. We request you to kindly donate generously.
Thank you very much.

All donations are exempted under Income Tax Act 80G.

Please send your donation in the name of MAHA BODHI SOCIETY, Bengaluru.

Account No. SB 353102010000137
IFSC Code: UBIN 0535311
MICR Code: 560026005
Union Bank of India, Gandhinagar,
Bangalore – 560009, India


The total number of monks in the entire Mahabodhi center exceeds to 400 and there are also 30 nuns in Bordumsa, Arunachal Pradesh. You can also offer dana in any of the monastery or to the entire Mahabodhi Sangha of all center once or twice a year or any number of times you wish to participate. Kindly contact the monastery in charge to offer your Dana or Mr Vajira on 09731635108.

PLACE Nos of Monks/ Nuns Contact Details
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Mahabodhi Vihara
147 monks 09731635108 / 09343158020
Narasipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Mahabodhi Dhammaduta Vihara
05 monks 09731635108
Mysore, Karnataka
Mahabodhi Vihara
02 monks 09901334279 / 08722961349
Chiching Chera, Tripura
Mahabodhi Vihara
80 monks 09402169228
Suknachari, Tripura
Mahabodhi Vihara
46 monks 07085652028 / 08415805886
Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh,
Mahabodhi Vihara
63 monks 09402200061 / 07308967316
Diyun, Arunachal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara
22 monks 07085442451 / 09402012719
Deomali, Arunchal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara
03 monks 08414960620
Tawang, Aruchal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara
03 monks 09402899820 / 08132890530
Bordumsa, Arunachal Pradesh
Mahabodhi Vihara
30 nuns 08258916412 / 08974374876
406 monks, 30 nuns


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