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Buddha Vachana Trust is the publishing wing of the Maha Bodhi Society. Since inception more than 200 hundred books have been published by the Trust.

Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita Bhanteji has established a fund for publication of books under the Ven. Acharya Buddharakkhita Foundation. The interest on this fund will be utilized for publishing Dhamma books in the future. Kindly donate to this fund. We will be happy to publish books in the name of your beloved people. Please contact the office. Thank you.
Among all Gifts the Gift of Dhamma Excels.

List of Books
The following books are available at Mahabodhi Book Center, Bangalore. To order by post please add ` 30/- to each book for packing and postage charges within India except for * marked

Buddha Vachana Trust
14, Kalidasa Road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru - 560 009, India
Tel : 080-22250684, Fax : 080-41148440, Mob: 09738546065
Alur Road, Dasanapura Hobli
E-mail :,

Sl.NO. Name of the book Rate
1 Buddhist Monastic Discipline ₹150
2 Buddha and his Dhamma part 1 ₹150
3 Buddha and his Dhamma part 2 ₹135
4 Basic of Buddhism part 1 ₹85
5 Basic of Buddhism part 2 ₹125
6 Buddhism and Social Justice ₹20
7 Classical Buddhist Dictionary and Thesaurus vol 1 & 2 (Each 150) ₹150
8 Comprehensive pali course part 1 ₹75
9 Comprehensive pali course part 2 ₹75
10 Comprehensive course on Buddhism ₹150
11 Foundation of Mindfulness ₹45
12 Ever Shining Gems ₹20
13 Fundamental of Buddha Dhamma part 1 (Dhammadhara) ₹35
14 Fundamental of Buddha Dhamma part 2 (Dhammadhara) ₹35
15 House Holder's Book of Discipline ₹75
16 History of pali language and literature ₹100
17 Life's great blessings Vol. 1 - 5
Vol. 6 - 14
Vol 15
₹85 each
₹35 each
18 Living Legacy of the Buddha ₹100
19 Lotus offering (Philosophy & Practice of Buddha Devotion) ₹40
20 Kamalanjali (A book of Buddhist Devotional Chanting) ₹25
21 1 Manual of Buddhist Devotional Practice ₹150
22 Mahasatthipathana Sutta -the foundation of mindfulness ₹50
23 Metta - the philosopy and practice of universal love ₹70
24 Practice of Paramis (Buddhist Spiritual Perfections) ₹60
25 Supreme Benefactor ₹45
26 Sutta Sangaho part 1 (selected discourse of Buddha) ₹100
27 Sutta Sangaho part 2 (selected discourse of Buddha) ₹125
28 Sutta Sangaho part 3 (selected discourse of Buddha)1 ₹200
29 Wheel of life ₹45
30 Buddhist law of Kamma and Rebirth ₹125
31 Mind overcoming its cankers ₹200
32 Setting in motion the wheel of truth ₹35
33 Invisible protection ₹45
34 The unborn enemy Ajatasattu ₹20
35 Wayfaring ₹15
36 Dictionary of pali literature ₹100
37 Meditation on peace ₹35
38 The significance of pali tipitaka and Theravada ₹30
39 Life of Buddha (Pictorial) ₹50
40 Dhammadhara (Hindi) Part 1 - Rs. 45, Part 2 - Rs. 40
41 Dhammadhara (Marathi) Part 1 ₹45
42 Kuddhakapatha ₹20
43 Halod trimphs ₹45
44 Dhammapada (English translation only)
45 Pali Phato (Hindi) for children
(Part 1 - Rs. 25, Part 2 - Rs. 35, Part 3 - Rs. 40 and Part 4 - Rs. 40)
46 Kamalanjali (Hindi & Kannada) Rs. 15 each
47 Unforgettable inheritance Vol. I, II, III, IV, V, VI & VII Each ₹200
48 Human Potentials and their fulfilments ₹20
49 Hattha Ratna (Jewels in hand) ₹175

The corporate body of the Buddha educational foundation, Taipei, Taiwan, has been printing and publishing books for free distribution as Dhammadana gift of truth. If you would like to have the books please send an amount of Rs.25 per books as packing and postage charge.

  1. Buddhist Tale for Young and old Vol 1 - 5
  2. The love of Live
  3. The Dhammapada (Code No. EN 014)
  4. How to live without Fear and Worry
  5. Mindfulness in plain English
  6. Daily Buddhist Devotion
  7. The Buddha and His Dhamma
  8. The Way it is
  9. The Tree of Enlightenment
  10. Changing Destiny
  11. Manual of Abhidhamma
  12. Releasing Life
  13. Who is responsible for our problems
  14. Be a lamp upon yourself
  15. The word of the Buddha (EN 270)
  16. Human Roots for young readers part 1 & 2)
  17. Human Roots for young readers part 1 & 2)
  18. The debate of King Milinda
  19. Stress Management through Buddhist Meditation
  20. Tamil Dhammapada
  21. The Buddha and his Dhamma (Kannada)
  22. The Buddha and His Dhamma (Tamil)
  23. Buddhist Dictionary
  24. Heart of a uddha (64K)
  25. How to live without Fear and Worry
  26. What Buddhist Believe
  27. Path of Purification
  28. Changing Destiny
  29. Releasing Life
  30. Who is Responsible for our Problems ?


1 Nature of Spiritual Life
2 The path of Purification (I)
3 Karaniya Metta Sutta (I)
4 Mode of Training the Mind
5 Metta as a way of life
6 Relationship between Metta and Truth
7 Key to Spiritual Progress
8 Destiny is made
9 The Heart of the Dhamma
10 Controlling the Mind
11 Stages of Spiritual Purification
12 What exactly is Truth
13 Metta Sila
14 True Seeker of Dhamma
15 Knowledge and Wisdom
16 Metta Love and Selfish Love
17 Meditation on Universal Love (I)
18 Meditation on Universal Love (III)
19 What exactly is Enlightenment
20 Wisdom based Metta
21 Living a Metta Life
22 What exactly is Enlightenment
23 What exactly is Enlightenment
24 Karaniya Metta Sutta (I)
25 Karaniya Metta Sutta (III)
26 Karaniya Metta Sutta (IV)
27 How to Change the Mind
28 The Law of Kamma
29 Action and Universal Love
30 Meaningful Life
31 Asayanusaya Nyana
32 Kamma, viewed from the standpoint of becoming
33 Pursuit of excellence with all effort
34 Essential requirements of enlightenment
35 Requisites of enlightenment (II)
36 Requisites of enlightenment (III)
37 Five Spiritual Faculties
38 Physical and mental faculties
39 Faculty, the Power Base
40 Controlling Faculties (Indriya) 1
41 Feeling as a Mental Faculty (Indriya)
42 Controlling Faculties (Indriya) 2
43 Indriya as Controlled Mechanism
44 Indriya as the Creator of Destiny
45 How to Train the Mind
46 Feeling Contemplation
47 Prerequisite for Successful Practice of Meditation
48 What Exactly is Life
49 Action, Nature of Life
50 Power Behind Action
51 Complexity of Action
52 What Exactly is Kamma
53 Potency of Kamma
54 Similarity of Cause and Effect
55 Kamma Sarikkhata
56 Similarity between Action
57 What Motivates Action
58 Dormant Power that Lies in Action
59 Potency of Kamma
60 Who is the Maker of One's Destiny
61 Process of Enlightenment
62 Process of Spiritual Development
63 Nature of an Enlightened Being
64 Enlightenment Process
65 Rathavinita Sutta (I)
66 Dhammapada Festival Talk (2010)
67 History of Maha Bodhi Society
68 Restoration of Buddhist Holy Places
69 The Power of Metta
70 Knowing the Beginnings of life
71 Turning the Wheel of Truth
72 Dhammacakka and Samsaracakka
73 Eight Worldly Conditions
74 Two Extremes
75 Extreme Forms of Religious Practices
76 Middle Path
77 Steering a Mid-course through the journey of Life
78 What exactly is virtue
79 Rathavinita Sutta II
80 The Nature of an Arahat
81 The Nature of an Arahat II
82 Rathavinita Sutta III
83 Seven Stages of Spiritual Purification
84 Cultivation of Metta
85 Meditation of Universal Love (II)
86 Specific Divisions of Metta
87 The Tool of Unselfish Love
88 The Path of Purification (II)
89 What exactly is the nature of Enlightenment

Audio CD

1 Dhammapada Chanting Rs. 50
2 Buddha Gitanjali Rs. 50

Video CD

1 Heritage of Enlightenment Rs. 100

Statues, Flags, Posters & Gift items are available of different sizes.

Buddha Poster are also available for sale

Postal order to be sent to the following address along with cheque, DD, MO by adding packing and postal charges of Rs. 30 per book

Buddha Vachana Trust / Maha Bodhi Society
14, Kalidasa Road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru - 560 009, India
Tel : 080-22250684, Fax : 080-41148440 Mob : 8867530329
E-mail :,

How to Order Books
Please select the books
Please send your full address and the total money by Cheque or DD in favor of
Buddha Vachana Trust
Maha Bodhi Society,
14, Kalidasa Road,
Gandhinagar, Bangalore-560009, India.
Transfer your amount to the following Account with a note by email giving the transfer details:
Buddha Vachana Trust
Account number. SB 353102010000183,
IFSC code: UBIN0535311.
Union Bank of India,
Gandhinagar Branch,
Bangalore-560 009

DHAMMA - Monthly English Magazine
A monthly publication entitled 'Dhamma' an International Magazine, is published in English since 1972 in order to spread the teachings of the Buddha far and wide by imparting practical knowledge of Dhamma.
It also presents the teachings of the Buddha as a solution to day to day problems in life, apart from inducing human and family values and promoting moral and spiritual values. It helps to develop and cultivate Meditation & Wisdom and promotes the learning of Pali language & literature

Subscription Charges
Single copy ` 25/- US$ 4
Annual ` 300/- US$ 40
Three years ` 750/- US$ 100
Life membership ` 3500/- US $450
Subscriptions may be sent by cheque, D.D, and M.O in favour of:
Mahabodhi Society
#14 Kalidasa, Road Gandhinagar
Bengaluru-560 009

BUDDHA DHAMMA - Bi-monthly Kannada Magazine
Buddha Vachana Trust started publishing a magazine 'Buddha Dhamma' in Kannada since 1994, which comes out bimonthly. It aims to make the Buddha's teaching available in Kannada language.

Subscription Charges
Single copy ` 20/-
Yearly ` 200/-
3 years ` 500/-
Life membership ` 2500/-

Subscriptions may be sent by cheque, D.D, and M.O in favour of
"Buddha Dhamma"
Mahabodhi Society
#14 Kalidasa, Road Gandhinagar
Bengaluru-560 009

The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts said the Buddha. The knowledge of Dhamma is the most precious gift one can ever give to somebody as it leads to true happiness, insight and freedom from suffering. Out of gratitude to our most venerable Dhamma teacher Venerable Acharya Buddharakkita the Dhamma Dana Project has been named in his memory. The Gift of Dhamma books has been helping hundreds and thousands of people all over the world both Buddhist and non-Buddhist to learn, practice and experience the Buddha's words of compassion in their daily life. Kindly donate for this Dhamma Dana project. You may print and distribute books on the occasion of your birthday, marriage anniversary, in memory of somebody who has passed away or just for giving Dhamma gift.

You are welcome to join us

  1. Donate for printing a Dhamma book.
  2. Join Tipitaka translation Project.
  3. Translate Dhamma book into local languages and help us to publish them.
  4. Distribute Dhamma books in your area.
  5. Volunteer as book distributor.