It was an earnest wish of Bada Bhanteji Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita, to establish a monastic training center in Namsai area to train young monks in Bhagawan Buddha’s teaching and his Monastic’s Discipline for the preservation and propagation of the holy teaching of the Buddha Sasana. Mahabodhi Monastic Institute, Namsai was started by the blessings of Bada Bhanteji with the ordination of 18 young monks in the year of 2013. At present 44 monks are residing in the monastery.

Initially the monastic residence was constructed and donated by an ardent disciple of Bada Bhanteji, Maha Upasaka Chow Pinthika Namchoom and his family members. To accommodate more monks, a monastic residence is being erected with bamboo and wooden structure. The resident young monks are getting both monastic and secular education.

Apart from that regular Sunday Dhamma program is organized in the monastery prayer hall. So with this limited infrastructure the Institute is running smoothly. The young monks are also happy with their daily routine and day to day activities. Apart from monastic duties they grow vegetables in the garden.

With the increasing demand from women who wish to live a life of renunciation and meditation, it is planned to build Mahabodhi Monastery for nuns soon. Initially it will have 20 nuns and year by year the number will be increased.