Venerable Acharya Buddharakkhita founded Mahabodhi educational institution with a view to give the best of modern education along with character building teachings. The school provides HOLISTIC EDUCATION in an atmosphere of love and care allowing the children to grow naturally and happily developing intelligence, compassion and wisdom at every stage

Holistic Education is to being about total personal evolution, physical fitness, emotional balance and strength, social responsibility, cultural richness, spiritual growth of a child. This is achieved through:

  1. Building of Character based on moral and spiritual principles constituting the foundation of happiness and peace;
  2. Academic studies, which fulfil one’s intellectual thirst and also help a person to find one’s profession in life to help oneself and others; and
  3. Caring inner environment and outer environment which includes relationship with people and nature around oneself.

Academic Excellence:
The School emphasizes greatly on the academic excellence through all modes and methods as per the CBSE guidelines. It is regarded by the CBSE as one of the prompt and excellent schools. Year after year the results show the excellence and competitiveness among the students. We have a dedicated staff with the teacher student ratio of 1: 16.

Extra Curricular Activities
The school gives great importance to extracurricular activities as children learn also through different methods. Children have more opportunities to learn and express their talents and creativity. The school students have excelled in sports, quiz, debates, inter school competitions in various fields. One factor that runs throughout the school time is JOY.

Meditation and Moral Values
Mahabodhi School gives very high importance to moral values. For this, the following five basics principles called ‘Pancha Sheela’ are taught:

  1. I love all beings and refrain from harming or killing any living creature.
  2. I share and give and refrain from taking what is not given to me.
  3. I uphold the dignity of partnership and refrain from adultery.
  4. I speak truth and meaningful things and refrain from speaking lies.
  5. I create clarity of mind and refrain from consuming intoxicants which confuse the mind.

The school classes starts and ends with 10-minute meditation. Every week there is also a group meditation where all the staffs and children meditate together. Meditation teachers from India and abroad are invited to conduct meditation in campus. This way the school offers facilities for personal, physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual growth in a balanced way, which is the motto of the school: HOLISTIC EDUCATION FOR HAPPINESS AND EXCELLENCE.