Mettaloka means 'the World of Universal Love'. There are 50 students staying at Mahabodhi Mettaloka, Mysore and many students in different cities studying different courses. These are students who have studied up to 10th in Mahabodhi School and now pursuing their higher studies in different colleges. Though they live outside the Mahabodhi campus nevertheless they strictly follow the moral principles in which they have been brought up in the Mahabodhi School. As in the Carla students Home they perform puja, practice meditation, attend Sunday Dhamma lectures and actively participate in other events.

The courses in which the students are studying are humanities, commerce, science, pharmacy, teacher's training course, Ayurvedic medicine, law, journalism, hotel management, nursing, fine arts, animation, Buddhist studies in different countries and some have became very wonderful monks. Every student from Mettaloka after completion of their degree and master courses, happily volunteer for one year to help various project of Mahabodhi as wardens, teachers, accountant, sponsorship in charge and share their helping hand in many program organized by Mahabodhi. At MMYC the students manage their day to day activities like cooking, cleaning, prayer and their studies themselves. Every year the MMYC family is growing bigger. MMYC students normally never forget the kindness and compassion showered by Mahabodhi.