Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara Hyderabad

Bada Bhanteji Ven.Acharya Buddharakkhita had wished for a Buddhist center to come up in Secunderabad/Hyderabad. By his blessings, Maha Bodhi Society has started Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara at Mahendra Hills in Hyderabad, to serve the cause of the Buddha Sasana. This Vihara is being developed into a full fledged Buddha Vihara with monastery and other Dhamma activities.

Welcome to Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara at Mahindra Hills. We present you the Buddha’s teachings for your contemporary life to enjoy peace, happiness, prosperity and wisdom, and to overcome stress, tension, worry, fear, frustrations and various kinds of dukkha.

Following are the programs run at the Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara. You are most welcome to participate in all these programs which are free of charge.


5:30 to 6:00 AM – Puja
6:00 to 7:00 AM - Meditation

6:00 – 6:30 PM – Puja
6:30 – 7:30 PM - Meditation

If you would like to dedicate puja in the name of your beloved people, you may do so by informing the monks. Meditation will be guided or self practice as per the need.

9:30 – 11:00 AM – Sunday Dhamma School for children
6:00 to 7:30 PM – Puja, Undertaking of precepts, Guided meditation teaching, Discourse, Questions

Various titles on Buddhism, Buddhist ethics, meditation and philosophy are available in English, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Some are for sale and some are for free distribution and available at the Vihara complex.

If you are interested to learn Dhamma on specific subject in a group, you may contact the chief monk and it will be arranged as per the need fixing the time convenient to everybody. The group should consist at least five persons.

The sacred teachings of the Buddha are in Pali language and the great monks and devotees have preserved this teachings in its prestine purity in Pali generation to generation. Mahabodhi has undertaken a project to translate the entire Pali literature into Telugu language. Those who are interested to learn Pali and join the translation project are welcome. Kindly contact the Chief monk.

You may enroll to our Buddhist Studies program, which is a correspondence course under Karnataka State Open University, Mysore. The courses offered are
Diploma in Buddhist Studies – 1 year
B.A. in Buddhist Studies – 3 years
M.A. in Buddhist Studies – 2 years
For more details please visit the website of Mahabodhi Center for Theravada Buddhist Studies, Bengaluru at

Kindly follow the instructions at the Vihara to gain maximum benefit for yourself and others.

Venerable monks are renunciates who have dedicated their lives to practice and preach the Dhamma. It is a meritorious act to offer the requisites to the Sangha like food, shelter, medicine and robes and other needs at the vihara. Those who wish to offer Sanghadana, may do so. Please contact the chief monk and fix the date.

Mahabodhi Dāyaka Mandali
Dear Upasakas and Upasikas,
Mahabodhi Buddha Vihara, in the heart of Secunderabad, is a place of Buddhist spiritual practice, study, training and cultural center. We welcome you to join our Dhamma activities aimed at the development of Sila – moral life, Samadhi – Development of Mind, Panya – Deepening wisdom. These are the very essentials of Lord Buddha’s teaching which bring you peace, happiness, wisdom and liberation.
The monks of the Vihara don’t earn any money and they only give the Dhamma to one and all. In turn it is the responsibility of the lay devotees to support the monks and monastery activities which is a great meritorious act. As the Vihara is entirely dependent on the dāna - contributions of the devotees, we request you to kindly join this noble service by becoming member of Mahabodhi Dāyaka Mandali. The different categories of donations you may offer are:

  1. Mahadāyaka /Mahadayīkā: one who contributes Rs.1000/- or more every month
  2. Dayāka/Dayīkā: One who contributes Rs.500/- or more every month
  3. Vihāra Bandhu : one who contributes Rs.150/- every month

You will be issued appropriate card/badge.
All these subscriptions would be collected by transfer of funds from your account to the Mahabodhi Account on the basis of standing instructions you issue to your bank. If you don’t have an account you may create one and give standing instructions to your bank. There is no provision to collect cash or cheque personally except at the Vihara.

How do you benefit from association with the Vihara?

  1. First of all Dāna, as a spiritual act of merit brings you lot of satisfaction in life. Your wish of contributing to the development of the Buddha Sasana will be fulfilled. You’re your involvement you will feel the satisfaction of being with the Dhamma.
  2. You can come and participate in the Dhamma discourses and Meditation Classes
  3. If you are a Buddhist/Vipassana meditation group and wish to avail the space for weekly/monthly meditation we will be glad to arrange that.
  4. You can collect a free copy of one Dhamma book of your choice every month
  5. You will get a copy of DHAMMA (English) or available regional language Buddhist magazines every month
  6. You can ask for the services of the Mahabodhi monks at the Vihara for all your life-cycle events like
    1. Sanghadana ceremonies on special occasions at the Vihara
    2. Namakaranam - Child-naming ceremony
    3. Aksharabhyasam - Commencement of Education ceremony
    4. Pabbajja – Temporary ordination ceremony
    5. Grihapravesham - house-warming ceremony
    6. Punyanumodana - Death ceremonies
    7. Punnami - fullmoon night meditation at the Vihara

You may discuss with the chief monk regarding arrangement of these programs at the Vihara or inviting monks at home to conduct the above ceremonies depending on the availability of monks. The marriage ceremonies are not conducted in the Vihara premises and not conducted by the monks. They will help you to find an upasaka who may conduct the marriage ceremony. However after the marriage blessing ceremonies are conducted at the Vihara by the monks.

In short the bhikkhus of the Vihara will be your Kalyana mitras/spiritual guides whenever you need their advice/guidance. It is a great act of merit to associate with a monastery and learn Dhamma and contribute for the progress and preservation of the Buddha Dhamma.

Come and enroll yourself; Let the Dhamma ennoble our lives
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