Humanitarian Services

Mahabodhi Burns and Casualty Center
Mahabodhi burns and casualty center is dedicated to the service of burns patients which is one of the biggest in India. Today it houses and treats hundreds of burns patients. It is situated in Victoria Hospital complex in the heart of the city and is managed by the Government of Karnataka.
The monks and lay devotees of Mahabodhi Society visit the hospital every month and distribute fruits, buns etc., to the patients and provide counseling to the patients and relatives.

Mahabodhi Mallige Hospital
In collaboration with Mallige Medical Center, Mahabodhi Mallige hospital was built in Siddhapur, Bengaluru. It is equipped with modern medical facilities. The hospital provides holistic, multi disciplinary health care aimed at total health of man, not the sickness alone. It houses a separate meditation and prayer hall where patients can get together and practice meditation and yoga. Buddhists believe that even though one is physically sick and weak, still one can be mentally sound and strong.
Mahabodhi Mallige medical hospital also takes cares of the health of all monks and school children of Mahabodhi society, Bengaluru and Mysore with good medical facilities.

Mahabodhi Karuna Hospital
Presently, Maha Bodhi Society has undertaken the construction of a new hospital named as Mahabodhi Karuna Hospital. It is expected to be finished by March 2015. Maha Bodhi Society plans to offer free medical care which was one of the wishes of the founder. This center will also house a meditation center which helps to treat mental illnesses.

This project, intended to bring peace and happiness to so many people and can be actualized only through your help. All good hearted people are requested to come forward generously to contribute towards this project and be part of this endeavor. No amount is ever so small. We will be very grateful to you for your donation.

Mahabodhi Karuna Charitable Medical Center, Diyun
On 18th October 2014 this center was started in Diyun, in the far Northeast of India. In this area there is only one government medical center to treat thousands of people. Mahabodhi medical center is a humble beginning with one doctor, two nurses, one coordinator to serve the people. General treatment and minor operations can be conducted here. But for major treatment and specialist treatment people have to travel to the nearest hospital which is 3 hours away. If this medical center is better equipped then we can save lot of money for poor people which otherwise would be spent only to travel in a taxi all the way to Tinsukia.

The Equipment we need are :

1 Ultrasonography Machine (USG) 4,800/- US $
2 Generator for Hospital and run machine 3,100/- US $
3 Voltage Stabiliser 920/- US $
4 Computer with printer 1,530/- US $
5 ECG Machine 320/- US $
6 Defibrillator Machine(For Emergencies) 3,100/- US $
1 For laboratory setting up 3,920/- US $
2 Compound Microscope 775/- US $
3 Autoclave 80/- US $
4 Autoanalyser 2,320/- US $
5 Refrigerator 465/- US $
6 Chemicals and Reagents 160/- US $
6 Basic instruments 310/- US $
Ttl App. cost for Medical requirement 21,800/- US $