Mahabodhi monastery has been started and many more boys are coming to join as monks and get monastic training. At present there are 20 monks under training.

Mahabodhi Dhammavijaya Meditation Centre
We conduct regular chanting and meditation in the meditation hall. Every Wednesday students from the school come to meditate and listen to Dhamma from the monks. Special puja during full moon days with candles is organized and meditation is done where staffs and children participate. It is open to all and some public people also come for the program.

Mahabodhi Loka Shanti Dhamma Cetiya
As a symbol of world peace and peace in the communities in Arunachal we have built a Stupa designed on the basis of ancient Asokan period Magadhan Stupas. Devout people have contributed to this Stupa where the relics of the Buddha along with all the original Pali scriptures are enshrined.

Mahabodhi Sacred Siri Bodhi Tree
A sapling of the Holy Bodhi tree of Buddhagaya was planted which is growing well. This Tree is a place of devotion and great power and inspiration for putting into practice the noble teachings of the Buddha. The platform around it provides ideal place for meditation and circumambulation.