On 18th October 2014 this center was inaugurated in Diyun. This center is the donation of Ms.Jutta Mattausch and Mr.Pala Namgyal of Germany and Dr.Maja and Dr.Martin of Switzerland are helping to cover the main running expenses. They personally came and conducted free medical camp for 5 days in October 2014. Mahabodhi medical center is a humble beginning with one doctor, two nurses, one coordinator to serve the people. General treatment and minor operations can be conducted here. But for major treatment and specialist treatment people have to travel to the nearest hospital which is 3 hours away. If this medical center is better equipped then we can save lot of money for people which otherwise would be spent only to travel in a taxi all the way to Tinsukia
The equipment we need are

1 Ultrasonography Machine (USG) 3,900/- Euro
2 Generator for Hospital and run machine 2,600/- Euro
3 Voltage Stabiliser 770/- Euro
4 Computer with printer 1,290/- Euro
5 ECG Machine 270/- Euro
6 Defibrillator Machine(For Emergencies) 2,600/- Euro
1 For laboratory setting up 3,300/- Euro
2 Compound Microscope 650/- Euro
3 Autoclave 65/- Euro
4 Autoanalyser 1,950/- Euro
5 Refrigerator 390/- Euro
6 Chemicals and Reagents 130/- Euro
6 Basic instruments 260/- Euro
Ttl App. cost for Medical requirement 18,175/- Euro

We appeal you to kindly donate these equipment. We also appeal to help us for the monthly running expenses.