We conduct regular prayer and meditation in the meditation hall. Every Wednesday students from the school came to meditate and listened to Dhamma from the monks. Special puja during full moon days with candle was organized and meditation was done where staffs and children participated.

Buddha Jayanti Celebrations
The Birth, Enlightenment and the Great Demise of Lord Buddha fall on the full moon day of Visakha, in the month of May. Mahabodhi Diyun celebrated the occasion with Special Puja, Meditation and Teaching of Moral Education. Many people of local area and Mahabodhi students participated in decorating the entire campus with Tankhon, flowers and Buddhist flags out of great faith. Peace procession to spread the message of Lord Buddha was also conducted in Diyun area, Lord Buddha’s statue was placed on an elephant for the procession.

Mahabodhi Loka Shanti Dhamma Cetiya
As a symbol of world peace and peace in the communities in Arunachal we have built a Stupa designed on the basis of ancient Asokan period Magadhan Stupas. Mr.Alex and Ms.Monica together are contributing for this Stupa where the relics of the Buddha along with all the original scriptures will be placed. The construction work is completed and it will be inaugurated in the end of October 2010.

Mahabodhi Sacred Siri Bodhi Tree
A sapling of the Holy Bodhi tree of Buddhagaya was planted which is growing well. This Tree is a place of devotion and great power and inspiration for putting into practice the noble teachings of the Buddha. There will be platform around the holy Bodhi tree where people can sit and meditate and do chanting.