Mahabohi Maitri Mandala, Chiching Chera

A new branch started three years ago at Chi Ching Chera near Manu in Tripura and is slowly developing. At present Mahabodhi has acquired nearly 20 acres land. Tripura is a mountainous state and to build every project we first have to level the slope of the hills. So the land was leveled to great extent and at present the following have been developed:

  • Mahabodhi School – 1 to 5th standard
  • Mahabodhi Hostel
  • Mahabodhi Monastery for 50 monks
  • Agriculture program

There are 50 young monks who also got to school during day time, in the evening they are taught Dhamma. At present there are seven class rooms. Two monks are assisting Ven. Visuddhananda who is the in-charge of the center. Several activities are going on at this centre. Free medical camps and hospital dana services are being performed throughout the year.

Upasikas and Upasikas come to the monastery and take eight precepts on the full moon days.

Mahabodhi coming to Chinching Cherra has bought positive changes to the mindset of the people. Now people here are consuming less intoxicants and school dropouts have reduced. The parents are aware of educating their children and they have started to realize moral values, education and economic development.

The following are our future plan.

  • Mahabodhi school up to 10th standartd
  • Boys Hostel
  • Girls Hostel
  • Mahabodhi Monastery
  • Meditation hall and Vihara
  • Stupa and Bodhi tree
  • Moral Education Center
  • Health Center
  • Farming and Agricultural Programs